The Fancy Bracelet

In the corner of my eye I saw Bitty Bug sprint away from my room. I called her. She was very, very quiet. No response. Great. So I repeated her name. “Yes, mama?”, she replies so sweetly. Mhmm. So many manners now. I asked what she was doing. Unsurprisingly, “Nothing”, comes out of her mouth. Mhmm. I asked […]

Why a Label is Better Than None

I just have to get some of this off my chest . . .   Not so long ago the thing that worried me most was having a label on my daughter. This scares a lot of people. Whether it’s SPD, ADD, ASD; maybe dyslexia or apraxia; maybe something completely different . . . it is difficult […]

So Big, So Fast

What a crazy time. My oldest should still be the size of my youngest. My second a newborn. My third still a sweet surprise waiting too happen. Instead my youngest is suddenly turning into a toddler-kid. My middle child is leaping out of her toddler years. My oldest will be a kindergartner in the fall. […]

Perspective: Just Another Tuesday as a SAHM

I actually wrote this late at night last week. I tend to sit on the late-night posts because sometimes I know I may regret them in the morning. After 7 days I came back to re-read this one and I think it’s only fair that I get over it and post it on the World […]

My 8 Month Old Ate An Oreo

It’s so real. It’s happening and I don’t even care.   You know all those posts about the differences between first, second, third, fourth (etc) kids? They are so spot on. I couldn’t even imagine being this careless carefree before my firstborn arrived on the planet. It’s glorious. There he is right now. 8 months […]


“I wanna do it!”

  Ah, that bittersweet phrase comes out of little mouths quite often at our house lately. In fact, the littlest one that isn’t speaking much yet still makes it pretty clear with his actions. The baby is cruising. The toddler is putting on her clothes. The preschooler is making her own sandwich. It’s lunchtime here. […]

The Response

I posted around two weeks ago about our daughter’s Occupational Therapy Evaluation. I hesitated so much. I was really anxious about putting it up at all. The response was wonderful. More than one person in a similar position with their kids commented or sent me a message. Many people simply let me know how much […]


I hate you!

Wow. Want to regret the things you did to your own parents as a child? Become a parent. It’s a great way to pay yourself back for being a little pain. Those of you with tiny angel babies have this to look forward too!! “I hate” (anything and everything and ALL THE THINGS and nothing) […]


Parents Are Crazy

It seems like there is a lot of fight-the-power going on against all the negativity surrounding parenthood. We are mommies and daddies, hear us roar! But, guess what? We are crazy. There are some key symptoms to parental craziness. Parents are nuts. It’s not in such a bad way though. We’re just weird. We freak […]


For the Hard Days . . .

Parenting is hard work. It’s draining. It’s overwhelming. It’s exhausting. At some point you’re going to find yourself at the end of your rope. It’s in the kid job description to find the limit of mom’s and dad’s energy. As much as you love being a parent, sometimes you NEED a break, a time-out, a […]