Perspective: Just Another Tuesday as a SAHM

I actually wrote this late at night last week. I tend to sit on the late-night posts because sometimes I know I may regret them in the morning. After 7 days I came back to re-read this one and I think it’s only fair that I get over it and post it on the World […]

My 8 Month Old Ate An Oreo

It’s so real. It’s happening and I don’t even care.   You know all those posts about the differences between first, second, third, fourth (etc) kids? They are so spot on. I couldn’t even imagine being this careless carefree before my firstborn arrived on the planet. It’s glorious. There he is right now. 8 months […]


I hate you!

Wow. Want to regret the things you did to your own parents as a child? Become a parent. It’s a great way to pay yourself back for being a little pain. Those of you with tiny angel babies have this to look forward too!! “I hate” (anything and everything and ALL THE THINGS and nothing) […]

Let’s be real for a minute: First OT visit

I wrote the super vague post yesterday with the beautiful quote from Corrie Ten Boom. My mind was going in circles. Now, after some thought I decided I’d come back and explain myself some more. I’m very hesitant to share details about our lives online. Creepers and fake people ruin it for me, ya know. […]


Let me be vague: What freaks parents out the most?

The possibility that anything at all could be going on with their kid(s) and they don’t know how to help. That right there is the worst feeling in the world. Whether there is a blatantly obvious health issue or a hunch that something is off. From a potential stomach virus all the way to the […]


Parents Are Crazy

It seems like there is a lot of fight-the-power going on against all the negativity surrounding parenthood. We are mommies and daddies, hear us roar! But, guess what? We are crazy. There are some key symptoms to parental craziness. Parents are nuts. It’s not in such a bad way though. We’re just weird. We freak […]

Boo. I have a cold.

Yeah, I’ve been pretty slow this week. Part of it was that I was 150% focused on my sweet Bitty Bug’s birthday! I have a four-year old! We had a My Little Pony party, skyped with long distance family, and finished the day off watching Frozen. It was something else. I was in panic mode […]

How was your February 14?!

    We had a content, calm day at home. It was peaceful and sweet. We made lots of cute crafts and I made a blue-ribbon winning recipe of brownies. The girls . . .     Just kidding. My kids HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS. Oh wow. I had so much cheesy fun stuff planned for today. […]