My FlyLady Adventure Begins

There’s nothing like a clean home . . . right? I keep hearing it. What IS that? I’ve got no good excuses here. My mother taught me how to clean and put things away. I just get distracted and lazy then the chaos ensues. I’m primarily writing this mess out to keep accountable to myself. […]


Get that colored dye off your skin!

I sincerely hope this works for anyone that wants it to work. It’s extremely simple. I’ve always had dye left on my hands on Easter day from dying eggs the day before. I usually just leave it. I don’t care that much. But, I’ve gotten acrylic paint out of carpet before soo why not try […]


A Few Cleaning Tricks: Easy All-Purpose Spray

     One of my most popular posts (at least on pinterest) was about getting acrylic paint out of carpet. I’ve used that little recipe to clean up messes more than once. It’s tried and true and cheap!      Another simple cleaning solution I use all the time is liquid dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, and […]