Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas week. We had a good time together. No traveling or big get togethers for us. Just low-key family time. I’m surprised how much I like it this way because growing up we always had something fun planned or relatives to go visit. Our biggest outings […]

Down and Back

Well, I’ve been MIA here on the actual blog lately though you’ve probably seen my posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (Hint, hint: click and follow if you aren’t yet!) My computer kerplunked on me. Poor thing is worn out. I’m hard on computers. What can I say? (Hoping to fund a new one in […]

Why I Blog

I’ve been asked a few times WHY I blog or even recently how I make money. Well, I don’t make enough on a regular basis to call it a job. I’ll say that much. But WHY I blog is something I can get into a little more . . . #1 Really, first and foremost, […]

Social Media ADD

I’m ADD anyway. Throw in trying to maintain my blog and keep up with all the social media networks . . . dang. I’m getting better at keeping myself organized. Yeah, I have a whole list in Notes of all the networks I’m a member of and I randomly look through it. I can all […]


Liebster Blog Award

I won! Time for cake! Check it out: I’m thrilled to have been nominated by the incredibly talented Mommy Like Whoa! It’s an honor. Someone ACTUALLY reads this thing. I wholeheartedly accept this nomination. If I weren’t sitting on my couch in pajamas I’d be taking a bow. In turn I nominate . . . […]