Three Money Saving Apps That Pay!

I’m really loving these apps. This applies to you whether you coupon or not. (Yes I used coupon as a verb. Bite me.) You can use these apps AND regular coupons or just use the apps on a whim. I really don’t know of any down side unless you don’t like sharing your email address […]

4 Fun Apps for Little Kids

I’ve written a few times before about apps for kids and a few of the apps my kids have enjoyed. People are always looking for the next best app not only for themselves but for their kids! These are the ones we’ve tried out recently: ABC Ninja – free If you know about fruit ninja […]

The App Store is Celebrating Itself

Dearest owners and lovers of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch:        Apparently, it’s the Fifth Anniversary of the Apple App Store. This means there are several pretty cool free apps available right now! They’ve shot up to the tippy top of the Top Charts list so go into the App Store, click on […]