Reese's Cookies

Easy Reese’s Cookies

Oh my. I am so happy these turned out so yummy. Thanks to Influenster and Reese’s for the opportunity to try this tasty new product! I received my voxbox this afternoon. It happened to be naptime and I hit the trifecta (all three kids sleeping at once!!) so I got into the kitchen for a […]


Kid’s Nonfiction Kindle Books – Under $3

If you’re looking for some books for your kid’s Kindle library these beautiful nonfiction books will make a great addition. These would also be great for anyone homeschooling young kids. A quick, simple book with big, eye-catching pictures can go a long way when it comes to teaching about different topics. You can tie these […]

day season month

Learning About Days, Months, and Seasons

As we tried to explain the New Year’s thing to the 3 and 4 year olds last night we realized they have absolutely no clue whatsoever about months of the year . . . or days of the week . . . or that it won’t snow in summer (Thanks freaking Olaf!!). They kind of […]

All the Junk Cookie Bars

ALL the Junk Cookie Bars

These cookie bars though. Oh my. This recipe has been FANTASTIC over the holidays. Anytime you have some extra “junk” or leftovers pull out this easy cookie-based recipe and throw it all in together. I’ve added m&ms and crushed candy cane post-Christmas (in the pictures) The marshmallows make it super gooey and chewy. I also […]

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas week. We had a good time together. No traveling or big get togethers for us. Just low-key family time. I’m surprised how much I like it this way because growing up we always had something fun planned or relatives to go visit. Our biggest outings […]


Easy Buttered Rum Pudding Pie

I had a craving for butterscotch and rum and used what I had! I used to choose the butterscotch cone over the chocolate at Dairy Queen when I was a kid.  I like butterscotch and butterbeers (FYI, Starbucks versions) and I won’t lie – I thoroughly enjoy some good spiced rum too. I know it’s […]

Down and Back

Well, I’ve been MIA here on the actual blog lately though you’ve probably seen my posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (Hint, hint: click and follow if you aren’t yet!) My computer kerplunked on me. Poor thing is worn out. I’m hard on computers. What can I say? (Hoping to fund a new one in […]

My FlyLady Adventure Begins

There’s nothing like a clean home . . . right? I keep hearing it. What IS that? I’ve got no good excuses here. My mother taught me how to clean and put things away. I just get distracted and lazy then the chaos ensues. I’m primarily writing this mess out to keep accountable to myself. […]


Funding Christmas

I all ready have ALL of my Christmas shopping done. Yep. The top of our closet is full of Christmas morning surprises. We have less than 6 weeks left to keep them hidden! Let me start out by saying, at this point in the year I haven’t always been so prepared. (I probably still won’t […]

Why I Blog

I’ve been asked a few times WHY I blog or even recently how I make money. Well, I don’t make enough on a regular basis to call it a job. I’ll say that much. But WHY I blog is something I can get into a little more . . . #1 Really, first and foremost, […]