Who I Am

This is me:


There are lots and lots of words to describe me. I prefer to stick with all the nice, positive ones when I talk about myself.


First and foremost, I’m ME. I’m Samantha. Sam to friends so call me Sam. Hi.

Next and most importantly I’m a wife to aĀ darling, kickassĀ man and mama to three sweet, adorable (but slightly crazy) little humans.

I stay at home with the kiddos. I do occasional side work, this blog, and some part-time school as well because 3 little kids isn’t enough work for me. /sarcasm I guess all that falls under homemaker or housewife.

So there’s that!


We currently call a little place in the crevices of Northwest Arkansas our home although neither of us are from here originally. How did we end up here? That’s a long story. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime. I doubt that though becauseĀ it’s kind of boring.

Anyway . . .

We’re here and slowly coming to really enjoy this place. We’re riding on the rollercoaster and seeing where life takes us. In some ways we’re a typical American family but in other ways we’re kind of weird. Ok, in a lot of ways we’re super duper weird.

Oh, and obviously, I writeĀ about some of it and plaster it all over the World Wide Web. šŸ˜‰ Right!Ā I tend to post kind of randomly with the ebb and flow of things but I do hope to connect with other people through this blog and it makes me happy whenever something I write hits home with another person.

So that’s a decent summary, I guess. Take a peak around, leave comments, visit often, and do follow me on the gazillion social media profiles I have. I love sharing about our life and whatever else is floating my boat. I’m kind of nerdy, a lot opinionated, but I try to be thoughtful too.

Welcome to my wedge of the web!