Meet Sam

Obviously, I’m a blogger but here’s a more in depth look at who I am.

     Let me tell you about me and my family first. I was born and raised in the south. My husband lived most of his young life in the west but has also lived in a variety of places across the country. We’re very different people! Once upon a time we decided to get married and have a ton of kids right off the bat. Because we’re crazy that’s why.

I’m a writer, blogger, student, and “homemaker” (though not a very good one, in my opinion). My Mister works his butt off and is pursuing a degree right now for his dream job. We’re the parents to three beautiful people (so far).

Note: I’m paranoid because there are lots of fake, creepy people out there so I use nicknames for my family here on the blog and on my various social media pages. I’m Sam (in case you didn’t catch that). I tend to just call my husband “Mister” or “The Man”. I also occasionally mention our family pet and eldest daughter’s companion animal Neville Longbottom the Dachshund.

The kids are as follows:

  • Bitty Bug – 5
  • Sweet Pea – 3
  • Little Man – 1


This is me:

Inevitably Sam

We currently call a little place in the crevices of Northwest Arkansas our home. How did we end up here? That’s a long story. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime. I doubt that though because I think it’s boring.

We’re here though and making the most of it until we decide where we want to put down our roots. I’ve got dreams of a farmhouse with a wrap around porch, a creaky wooden swing, and horses, chickens, and goats in a sloping pasture; with all my squealing, laughing children in the yard playing with our beloved (at least 5) dogs. Mister just wants a giant gaming/lego room and a massive workshop to bring his weird, nerdy, man-ideas to life. I’ll also have a TARDIS fridge. It WILL happen. We’ll see how it all comes together someday. For now, we’re here and we’re moving forward, working hard, and enjoying our little family.

Oh, and obviously, I write about some of it and plaster it all over the World Wide Web.

So that’s a decent summary, I guess. Take a peak around, leave comments, visit often, and do follow me on the gazillion social media profiles I have. I love sharing about our life and whatever else is floating my boat. I’m kind of nerdy, a lot opinionated, but I try to be thoughtful too.

Welcome to my wedge of the web!