What is Influenster?

If you are on any sort of social media very often you may have heard of this. That’s how I heard of it in the first place.

Influenster is essentially a social-media based platform for reviewing and/or testing products. You sign up, connect all your social media accounts (like twitter, facebook, a blog), and get down to business. You basically categorize yourself.Influenster Badges

Take my profile for example: I have “expert badges” in Eco, Decorator, Sweet Tooth, Pop Culture, and Gamer. I have “lifestage badges” in Collegiate, Mother Bear, and Book Club.

With all things taken into consideration you are given an “impact score”. (This is the new way. They just changed the scoring system.) It will be higher the more contacts you have, accounts you connect, and invites you send out.

Gilette Venus VoxBox

via Instagram

Then opportunities may come up where you get what is called a “voxbox”. It’s a box of free products, samples, and/or coupons. I’ve gotten a Colgate (toothbrush and toothpaste) box and most recently a Gillette Venus razor. Some people I know have gotten athletic-related product boxes and some have gotten makeup boxes. All of that depends on your profile and the surveys before they release the voxboxes.

All the goods are complimentary. Yes, free. They ship it at no charge and you get to enjoy (or hate) what you get). Once you’ve had time to test it out all you have to do is share those opinions on influenster and other social media.

It’s a really cool program. You’re probably not going to be getting free stuff every week or even every month. But heck! It’s fun to get mail. Especially free stuff so why not?

I have yet to test this little razor yet but when I do (which will be soon because it is warm outside and the pool is open!!) you’ll probably be seeing my posts about it on facebook and twitter.


P.S. If you want an invite to Influenster then click on the “Get in Touch” tab (under “Meet Sam”) at the top of my blog. Send me a message and I’ll send you an invite! I think I have 19 more invites left to use.

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