Have you seen any good movies lately?

I love movies. Before kids and bills, I think my husband and I were at the theater every weekend (if not more often). Now the only thing we’ve seen in a theater in the last 6 months was . . . Guess! GUESS!!!.

Thankfully, in this grand era we have access to awesome technology like netflix, hulu, m-go, amazon prime, and redbox. We are also spoiled with a giant TV we found on the cheap since it was the last on the shelf at Sam’s Club. It kind of makes up for not getting the whole move-going experience.

We’ve watched a few gems the past couple weeks that I just HAVE to mention somewhere. Two would be great to look into considering Memorial Day is coming up.


The first and our new go-to, non-epic (as in non-LOTR) favorite is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We love Kristen Wiig and Ben Stiller anyway. This was more serious than expected. It was also relatively clean (although we aren’t the type of people to skip on something because of language). It was a good story which I think so many movies miss the mark on these days. It’s a feel-good, entertaining, life-lesson-learning movie. It will be a classic when our kids are grown. I’m sure of it!

Just tonight we watched Monuments Men. My hubby is a history buff and he also enjoys movies that are historical dramas, historical fiction, or the like. This movie has an impressive cast. That’s for sure. It gives another angle on the things that happened during World War 2.  There is a focus on art and the importance of culture which reeled me right in.  It has some very tender moments along with some humor. Maybe some people will be inspired to appreciate history and art by this film. One could only hope! It doesn’t have very good reviews elsewhere though. It is, however, based on real events.

The Book Thief is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I think you’ll enjoy this one too if you like things like The Secret Garden, World War 2 era movies, or “inspired by real life” films. It is yet another poignant, difficult story. Death is the narrator but the story revolves around a young girl. Not only does it traverse a (fictional) girl’s story through World War 2, focusing on the Holocaust, but it revolves around foster-adoption (in a different time, mind you) as well. It can be upsetting and sad but it is also a beautiful story of hope. If I’d realized there was a book I would’ve read that first. It’s on my list now. (P.S. Geoffrey Rush aka Barbossa a la Pirates of the Caribbean).




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