Why a Label is Better Than None

I just have to get some of this off my chest . . .   Not so long ago the thing that worried me most was having a label on my daughter. This scares a lot of people. Whether it’s SPD, ADD, ASD; maybe dyslexia or apraxia; maybe something completely different . . . it is difficult […]


First Time Homeschooler: Preparing for Kindergarten

I’m still not sure when it got to be May but here we are all ready! This seems like a good time to start sharing my perspective on kindergarten prep. Brace yourself though. This will be long. I just hope you find something helpful in here! (AND if you have something to add please leave […]

I Love Socks! Do You?

Do you love socks? Tall socks. Spa socks. Super thin socks. Toe Socks. (YES! TOE SOCKS!!) Socks with sparkles. Socks with stripes. Socks for each holiday. Deadpool socks. Fuzzy frog socks. Batman socks. Yes. I was thrilled to get a pair for free to review from Hot Sox! They are pretty great. Not gonna lie. You can […]


The “Threenager” Thing

I have one. She’s a little late coming out of her sweet toddler shell but she is making up for lost time. I love a good quip, ya know. Sure people will hashtag the ever loving crap out of it but the original hint of truth behind it stands strong. People talk and talk about […]

4 Anti-Procastination Apps You Needed Yesterday

All of these apps are fantastic. Tried and true. You won’t need to go any further for inspiration, time-management, and cleaning tricks. I am an ADD procrastinator extraordinaire but these help me a lot. Trust me. You needed these yesterday. Also, they are all free for your iPhone or iPad. Bright Nest Homeowners and renters alike: […]

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You Need to Color

I hear it’s trendy. I hear it’s an actual, real therapy technique. I hear it’s silly and a waste of time. But I don’t care about any of that. I just care that suddenly I don’t have to be talented, skilled, or learn anything to have an outlet. I have hobbies, sure but they are […]

So Big, So Fast

What a crazy time. My oldest should still be the size of my youngest. My second a newborn. My third still a sweet surprise waiting too happen. Instead my youngest is suddenly turning into a toddler-kid. My middle child is leaping out of her toddler years. My oldest will be a kindergartner in the fall. […]


Lifeproof and Pretty

I recently fell in love with Lifeproof cases. I’ve used Griffin and Otterbox before but I like the Lifeproof much better. I bought a Nuud a couple months ago for my older iPad 2 after the case I had on it started falling apart. We have three kids and a dog. I needed the most bang […]