This is not the news I wanted to be sharing right now. This is the post I put up on my personal Facebook page earlier this week and I decided to just copy/paste it here on the blog as well. “The last week or so has been one of the hardest times in our lives. I […]

Gathering Dust!

Oh man, do I ever have the worst tendency to let my blog sit and gather dust. I’ve done it again. We were just getting into our groove with this homeschool thing in the mornings then BAM this past week we ALL got nasty colds. Before that like 17 other things occurred that took all […]

Pinnable Printables on Pinterest

Gosh, I love pinterest. LOVE it. It has really become a useful tool this week as we officially started into our homeschooling journey. I used several printable activities for our first week of K5. I found them all on pinterest! Of course, there are some here and there that cost a few dollars (and some […]


Homeschooling Year One: Curriculum

Ok so I’ve posted here and here about where things are with us and preparing for this upcoming year. We have just 12 days until our first day. Although, Naomi is begging to start NOW. Love her! First, because this gets asked a LOT. Here are the curriculums or programs we’re using this year. We feel […]


Visions of Homeschooling: The First Year

It’s a little different prepping for a first official school year when you’ve decided to homeschool. All the typical traditions and conventions aren’t exactly applicable. I mean, sure, I’ll take a photo of my girl on her FIRST official kindergarten day . . . but there’s a VERY good chance it won’t look the same. […]

Birthdays When You’re Far Away

I grew up with every birthday being the perfect opportunity for a family get together. At least a dozen people, if not more, getting together multiple times a year for cake and ice cream. Everyone loves to be together and it’s glorious. Family at its best. How I miss it! It’s a BIG transition to […]


Why Target’s Un-Labeling Made Me Smile

Ok. I’m a little late to the party here but I’ve been wasting time on Facebook today. I’ve noticed more posts bubbling up about Target’s decision to un-label parts of their store. I wondered what my BFFs . . . I mean, local Target employees . . . were up to the other day when […]

Keep Up With Me

I have not been posting much lately but that will change as of this week. All is finally settling down! Quick update: We’ve been in the new house for over a month. Our baby dog survived parvo. We’re getting some answers and having more come up regarding some medical issues. Moving right along. School starts […]