Using Highlighters              to Study(1)

Study More Effectively

I don’t know if you’re going back to school for the first time or what but I sincerely hope some of this helps you out. I’ve used all sorts of different tricks trying to study more effectively over the years. I’m not an easy-A student but I’m of the opinion that ANY study can get A’s (and B’s) if they…

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Lazy Sunday

We’ve had quite a few of these lately. The hubby has been working a lot of overtime. I’ve been working from home more. We’ve had the beginning of another semester of classes rushing toward us. There’s a lot going on. No more than the average people in America, I guess, but it feels like a lot. We turn on the…

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Returning to School Again

Most parents at this time of year are getting ready for a new school year. Usually, it’s for their kids and not themselves. I’ve been working toward just a basic 2 year Associate of Arts degree since my 4 year old was the same age my youngest (baby #3) is now. Yeah, I’ve been slow. Tell me about it! Slow…

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Celery Night Fever

Veggie Tales Review & Giveaway!

I don’t know many people that don’t know and love Veggie Tales! They have consistently come up with smart, funny, moral stories for everyone to enjoy. I was just 3 years old myself when the first Veggie Tales movie was released in 1993. 21 years later I’m still watching some of my favorite cartoons with my own kids! So as…

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Almost August!

I’ve been in recovery mode after some not-so-fun dental work and related complications a couple weeks ago. I’m much better now. If you saw the bit on facebook about antibiotics – that’s part of it. On top of that, the man has been working a whole lot lately. We’re very thankful he has this job and the availability of overtime…

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