The Fancy Bracelet

In the corner of my eye I saw Bitty Bug sprint away from my room. I called her. She was very, very quiet. No response. Great. So I repeated her name. “Yes, mama?”, she replies so sweetly. Mhmm. So many manners now. I asked what she was doing. Unsurprisingly, “Nothing”, comes out of her mouth. Mhmm. I asked […]

We’ve Moved!!

A few tips from a mama that has recently moved: Avoid the holiday weekends. Get as much help as you can. Never underestimate the magic of Netflix to distract children. Map out all nearby coffee shops so you can stay alive Just don’t move in summer. Or if you do, remember sunscreen is your friend. We […]

Sortly – The App That Sorts Everything

Oh man. What timing. I review plenty of apps but the timing of this one has been really impeccable.   We have spent the last few weeks preparing to move. This past holiday weekend was crazy. (Happy independence day, by the way!) We are very slowly settling in to our new place and my husband’s new work […]

Bentonville - Inevitably Sam

Free Things to Do Near Bentonville

  Take a Walk I know. I know. Duh? But a lot of people take the ability to go on a nice long walk in a safe, beautiful place for granted. The continuously expanding trails in Bentonville can get you almost anywhere. The trails around Crystal Bridges are a must. The Museum Crystal Bridges Museum […]

Follow My Blog!

Just in case you were wondering . . . You may have noticed there is now a sign up form on the right sidebar! If you sign up there you will get a weekly email update of my recent posts. Do it! I’m a real live human with real live feelings. Strong feelings about spam […]

June fathers day

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Nerdy Dads

  It’s easy enough to find tools, grilling accessories, and the traditional tie to give as Father’s Day gifts BUT the nerdy dads out there will appreciate . . . something a little more, well, nerdy/geeky/dorky . . . If you’re looking for ideas you’re in the right place. The BEST thing you can do […]

Why a Label is Better Than None

I just have to get some of this off my chest . . .   Not so long ago the thing that worried me most was having a label on my daughter. This scares a lot of people. Whether it’s SPD, ADD, ASD; maybe dyslexia or apraxia; maybe something completely different . . . it is difficult […]


First Time Homeschooler: Preparing for Kindergarten

I’m still not sure when it got to be May but here we are all ready! This seems like a good time to start sharing my perspective on kindergarten prep. Brace yourself though. This will be long. I just hope you find something helpful in here! (AND if you have something to add please leave […]

I Love Socks! Do You?

Do you love socks? Tall socks. Spa socks. Super thin socks. Toe Socks. (YES! TOE SOCKS!!) Socks with sparkles. Socks with stripes. Socks for each holiday. Deadpool socks. Fuzzy frog socks. Batman socks. Yes. I was thrilled to get a pair for free to review from Hot Sox! They are pretty great. Not gonna lie. You can […]